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Hanshi Koos Burger represented N-Tvl in kata and kumite during the period 1966 - 1970. From 1983 to 1991, Hanshi Koos Burger trained three times in Japan for extended periods. He also trained and took teams to Europe and the USA, several times. He attended many national and international competitions as a referee during the period 1966 - 1993.
He was graded to Shodan by Sensei Stan Schmidt in 1967, Nidan in 1970 and Sandan in 1978. He joined Shotokan Karate International (Kanazawa) and was graded to Yondan (1984) and Godan (1988) by Sensei Kanazawa. During 1991 he joined WKSA under Kancho Taiji Kase (9th Dan) as he felt much was to be learnt from Kase's clean and phenominally powerfull execution of martial techniques.
Hanshi Koos Burger regularly trains with Kancho in Andorra and was graded to 6th Dan in 1996 and to 7th Dan in 2002 by Kase. In 2009 he was accredited 8th Dan by ISKS, awarded by SASKA as well as WUKF. A junior team was taken to the World Karate Confederation Cup in Spain in 2000, a senior team in 2001 to Scotland, Junior team to Novisad in 2002, SASKA team to Argentina in 2003, Junior team to Germany in 2004 and a Senior team to Brazil in 2005. In 2005 he travelled to Greece with a team, in 2006 he trained in Japan and the same year he took a team to Romania for the World championships and he also took a team in 2007 to Spain for the World chapionships. In 2008 he took a team to the 2nd Pan American open in Brazil and the same year he took a team to Italy for the World championship. In 2008 he gave Karate instruction in the USA. Hanshi Koos also belongs to the Shinsengumi Samurai group in Japan.

In the following years he took teams to the world championships: 2009 Odessa - Ukraine, 2010 Sao Paulo - Brazil, 2011 Lignano in Italy and he also gave karate instruction in the USA in 2011.
In 2012 he went to Serbia for karate and chosen to be a Technical Director by International Karate Master's Association(ISKS). The title of Hanshi was awarded to him by ISKS. In 2013 he set foot in Bucharesy Romania for the world Championships for WUKF world championships and and also gave instruction in Dallas Usa.In 2014 he went to the USA where he gave special instruction to SASKA clubs as well as to clubs from other federations. In 2014 he took a SASKA team to the 5th WUKF World Championship for children,cadets and juniors in Poland.
In October 2015 he went to the 1st United World Karate Championship in Koper Slovenia.In June 2016 he took the SASKA karate team to the WUKF world championship in Dublin Ireland where SASKA received 6 medals in various divisions.In 2017 he visited the various dojo's in the USA where he gave training and graded senior karateka.In 2018 he took a SASKA team to Scotland for the WUKF World Championship and he also visited the USA dojos and working on a Budo karate publication with sensei Gerrit Zaayman from Texas.

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Hanshi Koos Burger have unanimously been accepted as 9th dan by the ISKS Executive Board in April of 2018 and appears on the website of the international academy of senior Shotokan karate-ka as a member of the shihankai as Hanshi Koos burger. (see In June 2019 Hanshi Koos took a SASKA team to the WUKF World Championship in Slovakia.
Sensei Koos Burger is currently the Vice President for WUKF (For more about WUKF go to The high standard he expect from us could add to the anxieties of grading, but reinforces the style with steel. There is also a briming sense of possibility and diversity, depicted by adventures like scaling many of the world's highest mountains in his youth to sailing the world's oceans with his wife and children more lately. He takes us for an annual gashuku in the Drakensberg mountains where we train in the shadows of the Injasuthi peaks. A love for science is revealed by a devotion to understand the mechanisms behind the power of karate techniques and a previous occupation as a bacteriologist.
Hanshi Koos attended the 10th WUKF World Karate Championships in Fort Lauderdale, 4th – 7th of July 2022. He stayed in the USA for 5 weeks and also met with SASKA Karate instructors in the USA.
Karate in South Africa knows him for his modesty and constant willingness to listen and help us where possible. Hanshi Koos Burger always say "that after 58 years of karate, the strongest stance that I found was not a karate stance, but the stance on my knees when I pray to my role model and Chief Instructor Jesus Christ. With God as our Chief Instructor we can use karate to make the world a better place, and give our karateka a happy life" Not only is Hanshi an apt kareteka but he also participated in mountaineering and sailing.

Responsive image His passion for the mountains is that something in the mountain air that inspires the mind with great thoughts. He was an expedition member in different South African mountaineering expeditions who climbed many of the worlds highest mountains eg. Himalayas, Andes, Mount McKinley, etc.

Cell No: 083 236 8579

NG Skuilkrans Church Hall
Val de Grace, Pretoria
Silvervalke Rugby Club
Silverton,Pretoria Responsive image
Hanshi Koos DAN PATH
SHODAN by Sensei Stan Schmidt in 1967
NIDAN in 1970
SANDAN in 1978
YONDAN 1984 by Sensei Kanazawa
GODAN 1988 by Sensei Kanazawa
6th DAN in 1996 by Sensei Kase
7th DAN in 2002 by Sensei Kase
8th DAN in 2009 by ISKS, SASKA as well as WUKF
9th DAN in 2018 by the ISKS Executive Board

"Private karate classes for individual karateka and self defence classes for groups of non karateka, can be arranged with Hanshi Koos Burger."

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