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Godan (5th Dan) Black Belt Grading - Nov 2023


Congratulations to Andrea Tietd on her Fith Dan Grading! Well done!


Third Dan Black Belt Grading - May 2023


Congratulations to Sensei John Gawler and Sensei Kaylee Beine on their Third Dan Grading! Well done!

Annual SASKA Kata Seminar - February 2023


Participants in the Annual Saska Kata Seminar held in Pretoria - February 2023.

Senior Black Belt Grading - NOVEMBER 2022


Congratulations to Sensei Chris on his grading results. Sensei Chris is now a 4 dan (Yon dan). His grading was very good and well deserved. comgratualtions Sensei Chris.


SASKA Grading - NOVEMBER 2022


Congratulations Henry Kleynhans(1stDan) and Anya Klopper(1st Kyu)!


SASKA Annual kata seminar - MAY 2022


Senior Black Belt Gradings - MARCH 2021


Congratulations to Sensei Laurent and sensei Nicky Belagarde on their grading results. Sensei Nicky is now a 6 dan (Roku dan) and sensei Laurent a 7 dan (Nana dan). Sensei Laurent made history since he is the first person to be graded 7th dan by SASKA. Congratulations TO SASKA FOR THIS HIGH STANDARD MAINTAINED OVER SO MANY YEARS. The following karateka also graded on the day - Shodan :- Emma Forbes, Megan Basson, Jerome Maruma and Sandan - Wayne Brindle. Well done to all!!!


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Karate for Women and Children in SASKA

•Self-defence for Girls, Kids and Women
•Teach young kids and older children discipline and self-respect
•More than 70 percent of our karateka are children and women
Karate is excellent training for suppleness as well as limited weight control
Karate is an environment for sport and social interaction
Kids Karate is a SASKA priviledge
•A Woman can learn self-defence with Karate

"Private karate classes for individual karateka and self defence classes for groups of non karateka, can be arranged with Hanshi Koos Burger."

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